Customizable Pust Flowers Medallion Chain with Photoservice - Silver Plated - VIK-123

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✓ Dandelion Charm + Medallion Necklace ✓ Personalized with your own photos ✓ Classic silver pendant

This medallion necklace will be your next family team. Save all the sweet, sad and happy memories that are included in this trailer.
The round silver plated necklace can hold two photos on each side, choose those who have the greatest value for them. This is the kind of jewelry, which will be passed on from family to family.
A classic round medallion, attached to a fine chain and combined with a beautiful glass-charm, filled with real dandelion seeds.

A well-inspired tender pendant combined with the elegance of silver makes this necklace to a modern but timeless piece of jewelry.

This easy-to-design medallion necklace is a meaningful, personalized jewelry gift with the option to add two special photos that we print for free and paste for free. Not only do you get a simple necklace, but we offer a photo printing service and ship the necklace in a beautiful jewelry box, ready to give away.

You can customize you with your own photography or image of your choice. No matter why you buy this necklace, you will be the perfect gift. Give it as a family erister, buy a matching necklace with your best friend, sister or mother, celebrate successes, promotions; It's perfect, even if you want to remember a loved one, use it as a memorial jewelry.

An amazing piece of jewelery, which can be worn with any kind of leisure, party or even elegant outfits and looks great with other necklaces.
It's hard to know what to give the person you love. Give it something completely unique this time that represents your feelings and their relationship.


- Silver medallion necklace
- Small, real dandelion glass pendant
- Dimensions:
- Length of necklace 70 cm
- Size of silver medallion about 2 cm
- Silvered brass
- All our products comply with German standards and are suitable for allergy sufferers - lovingly packed in our jewelry box, ready to give away - handmade, unique jewelry
- Perfect gift idea
- Care: easy to clean the jewelry with a wet cotton cloth slightly to remove surface dirt or dust.
- If you have questions, please write me a message


- Photo medallion personalized with your own photography
- This offer includes image editing, cropping, image optimization, photo printing on specialty paper, image mounting in the medallion.
- You can buy it with your own photo or just a necklace without personalization
- Enter your order and send me the desired photo after ordering the desired photo to
- The production or photo service usually takes only 1 working day
- If no image is sent, the medallion necklace will be shipped as shown -> without photo


- Shipping within Germany takes place with DHL and usually takes 1-3 working days,
- To Austria, France and other European countries about 3-5 days.
- In Switzerland, to Luxembourg and Poland we ship with registered airmail.
- Orders to the US are sent with TRACKING with USPS and it takes about 7-14 days
- Everywhere else it takes about 2-3 weeks.

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